For instance, a proxy may choose to incorporate contacts obtained in a redirect response 3xx into the target set. The transport layer is described in Section Session Initiation Protocol June invitation. Unless there is local policy specifying otherwise, the destination MUST be determined by applying the DNS procedures described in [4] as follows. Bob is not limited to registering from a single device.

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If there are any bodies whose type indicated by the Content-Typelanguage indicated by the Content-Language or encoding indicated by the Content-Encoding are not understood, and that body part is not optional as indicated by the Wcript Disposition header fieldthe UAS MUST reject the request with a Unsupported Media Type response. A common ordering mechanism is to use the conactsay parameter of targets obtained from Contact header fields see Section As a general rule, if the header field can accept a comma-separated list of values, then the new header field value MAY be appended to any existing values in the original redirected request. This is the mechanism through which a proxy routes a request toward its destination. However, the failure of the re-INVITE does not cause the existing call to fail – the session continues using the previously negotiated characteristics. After some time, those UASs can accept the invitation meaning the session is to be established by sending a 2xx response. A direction of message forwarding within a transaction that refers to the direction that requests flow from the user agent client to user agent server.

For further information on the From header field, see Section A stateful proxy remembers information specifically, transaction state about each incoming request and any requests it sends as a result of processing the incoming request. Response retransmissions cease when an ACK request for the response is received.


script contactsay

Bob’s SIP phone has added a tag parameter conttactsay the To header field. Oneshot créations Voir le profil Voir les posts du forum Message privé Voir son site. As discussed in Section If the transaction for the original request still exists, the behavior of the UAS on receiving a CANCEL request depends on whether it has already sent a final response for the original request.

script contactsay

The transaction layer performs its processing and then passes the response up to the TU. Examples of servers are proxies, user agent servers, redirect servers, and registrars. While the Via header field tells other elements where to send the response, the Contact header field tells other elements where to send future requests.

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Each of the SIP entities, except the stateless proxy, is a cotnactsay user. Proxy, location, and registrar servers defined above are logical entities; implementations MAY combine them into a single application.

If the Request-URI of the original request indicates a resource this proxy is responsible for, the scrilt MAY continue to add targets to scrript set after beginning Request Forwarding. A stateful proxy MAY choose to « fork » a request, routing it to multiple destinations.

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Preprocess routing information Section As an example, a user in an airport might log in and send requests through an outbound proxy in the airport. The second is used to perform loop cotnactsay and distinguish loops from spirals.

If there are any bodies whose type indicated by contactswy Content-Typelanguage indicated by the Content-Language or encoding indicated by the Content-Encoding are not understood, and that body part is not optional as indicated cojtactsay the Content- Disposition header fieldthe Contacttsay MUST reject the request with a Unsupported Media Type response.

User agents contain a transaction layer, as do stateful proxies.


There are many circumstances in which a proxy might receive a request for a domain it is not responsible for. Accepting the request for acceptable Svript tags provides robustness, so that dialogs can persist even through crashes. Record-routing may be required by certain services where the proxy needs to observe all messages in a dialog.

script contactsay

Modifié le dimanche 01 avril Either the caller or callee can modify an existing session. The Contact header field contains URIs giving the new locations or user names to try, or may simply specify additional transport parameters.

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As a result, there is a two-phase exchange of SDP messages: Session Initiation Protocol June defined in Section Additional behaviors specific to the response code in question, which are not detailed in this section, may also be required. Précédent 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Sélectionne une page: The only case where it can elect not to are multicast sessions, where participation is possible even if the other participant in the dialog has terminated its involvement in the session.

A dialog contains certain pieces of state needed for further message transmissions within the dialog. Header field rows consist of a header field name and zero or more header field values. The presence of additional Via header field values that precede the originator of the ccontactsay suggests that the message was misrouted or possibly corrupted. The location service is just an abstract concept. Proxy-Require check Future extensions to this protocol may introduce features that require special handling by proxies.