Easy like a Sunday Morning

The boys on the trail...
The boys on the trail

Getting in at 3 am Sunday morning from a birthday party isn’t very conducive to a productive Sunday. Especially when the boys woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed at 5 am. #threecupsofcoffee

We still wanted to get outside today, since it’s supposed to rain the next few days here. My 3 year old, H, wanted to “go on a hike and go to the playground”, and we just ran with that (well, not literally. We ran yesterday and our legs feel like jello today… So, we kind of hobbled).

We took a walk in the center of our town, along the river and then headed to park via the Columbia Trail. This is why we love where we live. Trail, nature preserves, playgrounds, great restaurants… All within 5 minutes of our home! And now, spending the rest of the day cuddling my munchkins.

Sunday Funday indeed.

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined. As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler.” Thoreau


So here’s a ditty about me…and this. You know that feeling of wanting to live bigger, but that nagging terrified feeling that keeps you from taking that leap (for those of you who have seen my skydiving photo of before I jumped out of the plane…that’s the feeling I am talking about.)? I have had that itch for a while now. Now, my life is already incredibly fulfilling. I stay home with my 2 boys, whom are my reason for everything, and I also get to work for and publish for Macaroni Kid while at home with them. But, my life long dream has been to publish a travel blog. Something that can chronicle our adventures for years to come, and something that can be shared with people who are passionate about the same things. Informative, helpful, fun… but most of all, inspiring. You don’t have to be a world wide traveler to experience amazing things- there are many adventures and amazing memories to be made right out your front door. Matt (my adorable and mountain man hubby), and I are pretty passionate about giving our kids an incredibly memorable childhood. And every time we take them into the woods, or into a river, or up a mountain, I think we are fulfilling that goal. The way they see the world is pretty magical….so, our job is just to take them to magical places!

So, amidst my romantic rambling, I hope you’ll see my goal here to share our positivity and love of wandering. I hope you’ll join us on this amazing journey!