Who is Live and Let Wander?


Follow our adventures (and everything in between) as we share this amazing world and all of the incredibly beautiful things it has to offer, with our own 2 greatest adventures.

Allow us to introduce ourselves: We are Elisa, Matt, Holden and Reid (and Summit, our Brittany Spaniel pup) and we’re a family of nature lovers, wanderers and adventure seekers. We snowboard, scuba dive, snowshoe, kayak, bike, raft, climb and hike, and have done so all over this great world. Matt is a full fledged mountain man anytime he’s not at his day job. Elisa handles the home-base, acting as full time mom and Chief Adventure Officer, and is also a freelance writer (mainly about family travel!). When we are not wandering around somewhere new, you can usually find us jamming together as a family (Matt on guitar, Elisa on vocals, and the kids on interpretive dance…), baking chocolate chip cookies, or playing an epic game of eye spy.

We are stoked that Live and Let Wander is growing and we have some awesome contributors writing great content over the coming year. Be sure to check out our contributor page and check them out! Thanks for visiting our page and for hanging out with us!





3 thoughts on “Who is Live and Let Wander?

  1. Hey found your blog through Twitter today, thanks for following me! I ran a similar blog for a few years after our first born and there might be some info there you would like… https://adventurewithalex.com/…now I put my blogging energy into http://www.northeastalpinestart.com which is becoming more “gear review” focused but thought I would say hello. Looking forward to following your families adventures and if you ever need any local advice for the White Mountains let me know!


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