#Cabin Life!

So the story goes, I grew up with my father and uncle saying several times a year that they should buy land upstate (NY). Over and over again they would say it without ever acting on it. They’d also say how the price just kept going up and that they should have bought last year.  

20+ years later, I had just ordered the brand new car that I had been wanting for years. Elisa was pregnant with our first adventurer. I was watching tv one day when a commercial came on for buylandNY or some site like that. They were advertising 30 acres for 30,000.00. I stopped and thought…what am I doing? For the price of my new car, I could have a property that my soon to be son could enjoy for years.

I canceled the car and convinced Pops to start looking with me. The search brought us to a 20 acre lot with an 1800’s log cabin on it. It has electricity and a well (like the kind you throw a bucket into) and I love it. It’s our time to truly disconnect from our devices and connect with each other (no cell, no tv). Five years later, it’s our home away from home. The boys constantly ask when can we go to the cabin again and they cry every time we leave. It makes me think about all of the memories I wouldn’t have if I had bought the car instead. How many memories the boys wouldn’t have. 

Some decisions are ordinary and some seem to change you forever.