Meet one of the newest Deuter Family Ambassadors…Us!

So, here we are, loving life… This Spring and Summer have been one for the record books so far- let me give you a rundown of my April to upcoming October: Partied in Vegas, spent 8 days in my native Sicily on one of the greatest trips of my life, going glamping in upstate NY (and planning on drinking some Ithaca beers), solo backpacking trip for Matt (only 29 more peaks to go!), hitting some high peaks with the kids, an amazing trip to a historic property in Saratoga Springs where we will hike the park and drink from the actual springs, some PA- AT hiking and adventuring, northern NJ hiking, a trip to Shenandoah National Park, lots of ADK love, and a beach trip to Fort Lauderdale, FL for a Macaroni Kid meetup. Add to that our other summer fun; waterparks, swim lessons, zoo trips, daytime movie outings, and ice cream on the daily…..yeah, our life does not suck this summer. I am beyond excited and thankful to have all of these memories to be made and miles to be trekked with my boys (all 3 of them!)

And then, something even more awesome happens…Our little Rispoli family is one of the newest families to be chosen to represent our favorite hiking pack company, Deuter. Deuter is one the leading backpack brands worldwide, and I am so excited to represent and promote them, especially to the East Coast. We will be taking their amazing Kid Comfort 3 kids carriers with us on our upcoming treks and trips and I know the kids will be just as excited to ride in them as we are to carry them! Seriously, they are like the Cadillac of Kids carriers. So, stay tuned for our reviews and our adventures. We are excited to share our experiences and memories with ya’ll and super stoked to share the Deuter love.


xo Elisa